Colin Logue


Excerpt from Progressive Rock Unmasked

Many consider Crime of the Century (1974) the first Supertramp album but my first encounter with the band was Indelibly Stamped (1971). Those who remember the album cover will recall a bare-chested lady tattooed on every conceivable part of her upper body. In my opinion it is not a great album and not one track stands out. The first self-titled album was equally forgettable.

Crime of the Century, their third full studio effort, was their major breakthrough and was followed by three more albums of equal quality and popularity. I was fortunate enough to see Supertramp perform this album at the Reading Festival in 1975. They played this album in its entirety, almost note perfect, and then left the stage. I was gobsmacked that anyone could reproduce a studio album of such complexity live without a single ‘bum note’.