Excerpt from Progressive Rock Unmasked Many consider Crime of the Century (1974) the first Supertramp album but my first encounter with the band was Indelibly Stamped (1971). Those who remember the album cover will recall a bare-chested lady tattooed on every conceivable part of her upper body. In my opinion it is not a great […]

Barclay James Harvest

Excerpt from Progressive Rock Unmasked Music and in particular the boon of late sixties and early seventies artists who would form an eclectic mix which became known as Progressive Rock has been, not to put too fine a point on it, an obsession for these past fifty years. From its infancy to the burgeoning number […]

Here come the Punks

Excerpt from Progressive Rock Unmasked Barclay James Harvest would see out the seventies with the release of Eyes of the Universe (1979), their first album as a trio (albeit supplemented in the studio by keyboardist Kevin McAlea). By this time the musical landscape was changing with the advent of Punk. This had little effect on […]