Colin Logue

Colin Logue

I was born in England on the 14th May 1954 to Irish parents. We relocated to their home town of Belfast in 1958. This is where I spent my scholastic years before leaving in 1972 and living between, then, West Germany and England – settling in Hampshire in 1975.

 I met my first wife in the summer of 1975 and we married the following year.  Our marriage saw the birth of three children, a girl and two boys between 1977 and 1982. In 1987 we emigrated to Australia living initially in Adelaide and by 1995 I was working for the national broadcaster A.B.C. in the music library. My first wife and I divorced in 1996 and I moved to Melbourne with the A.B.C. working in Ripponlea TV until 2010. 

Easter 2006 I met Louise and we married on New Year’s Eve 2007 and settled down in Aspendale Victoria.

Living by the beach with our two cavaliers we enjoy overseas holidays (now on covid hold) and enjoy fine wines.

 I decided to write my first book during the severe lock-down of 2020 and I’m now in the throes of writing a follow-up.


Progressive Rock Unmasked

It follows my life through the discovery of musical artists and bands in a series of short stories – all of which are based on my experience and opinions.

Having the time (due to lock-down) to write short essays it was never planned to reach publication stage but the more I wrote the more I considered this option.

The hope is that you will read my musings and perhaps remember your own musical journey or even consider listening to some of the artists I have enjoyed listening to over the years.


Excerpt from Progressive Rock Unmasked Many consider Crime of the Century (1974) the first Supertramp album but my first encounter with the band was Indelibly

Barclay James Harvest

Excerpt from Progressive Rock Unmasked Music and in particular the boon of late sixties and early seventies artists who would form an eclectic mix which

Here come the Punks

Excerpt from Progressive Rock Unmasked Barclay James Harvest would see out the seventies with the release of Eyes of the Universe (1979), their first album


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