Prog Rock Down-Under




“A valuable, unique and fascinating resource into the often neglected and amazing world of Australian Prog Rock. A perfect blend of personal anecdotes and catalogued insight”.

~ Andy Dowling, LORD bassist, Sydney

Follow-up and companion to the author’s first book ‘Progressive Rock Unmasked’ this edition looks at some of Australia’s top bands who remain outside the main-stream and public consciousness in general.

Some have received international acclaim and attention such as Karnivool and Caligula’s Horse. Many find Europe and the US a more satisfying touring circuit where their music is appreciated by larger audiences than at home.

Prog Rock Down-Under explores the burgeoning progressive rock scene in Australia through personal discovery and remote interviews.

Take a stroll into ‘Prog Rock Down-under’ to whet the aural senses from a musical genre sadly over-looked by mainstream press and media ‘Down-under’.

For over 50 years the author has been listening to progressive rock so included are 50 albums which made an important impact and proved influential and pivotal for the author.